Past Winners – 2015

January 1 – June 30

Best Short Film: “The Hedgehog” (UK)
Best Animated Short: “Teeth” (Hungary|USA|UK)
Best Documentary Short: “The Artist Is Absent: A Short Film On Martin Margiela” (USA)
Best Actor: “Like” (Sweden)
Best Actress: “Like” (Sweden)
Best Supporting Actor: “The Pitch” (UK)
Best Supporting Actress: “The Kiss” (Mexico)
Best Director: “The Hedgehog” (UK)
Best Cinematography: “Into the Surf” (UK)
Best Editing: “Another Green World” (UK)
Best Music: “Into the Surf” (UK)
Best Screenplay: “Officer Down” (USA)

Award of Excellence:
“Into The Surf” (UK)
“January Man” (USA)
“Like” (Sweden)
“Officer Down” (USA)
“The Age of Insecurity: Unshakeable” (USA)
“The Kiss” (Mexico)
“The Pitch” (UK)

Award of Merit:
“37°4 S” (France)
“Focus” (USA)
“Luke” (Ireland)
“Mend and Make Do” (UK)
“My Mom’s Motorcycle” (USA)
“Night of the Hipsters” (USA)
“Purpose in the Pulpit” (USA)
“Shift” (Australia)
“The Adventures of Meow Meow” (USA)

Honorable Mention:
“Cafe Glass” (USA)
“Centurion Resurrection” (UK)
“Faceless Neil – Out of the Darkness” (USA)
“Jam” (USA)
“Jurassic” (UK)
“Sweet Hallow” (USA)
“The Elephant Man and the Cure” (USA)
“The Spaceman” (USA)
“You’re Breaking Up” (USA)