Past Winners – June 2016

Best Short Film: “Triangles of Happiness” (Denmark)
Best Animated Short: “Solo” (USA)
Best Documentary Short: “Death of Del Paso” (USA)
Best Actor: Lance Henriksen, “Last Writes” (USA)
Best Actress: Ramona Von Pusch, “Marlene” (UK)
Best Supporting Actor: Raymond Forchion, “Last Writes” (USA)
Best Supporting Actress: Maria Stokholm, “Triangles of Happiness” (Denmark)
Best Director: Ben Phillippo, “Speech of Foxes” (USA)
Best Cinematography: Brent Barbano, “Cuckold Picasso” (USA)
Best Editing: Lance Larson, “Cuckold Picasso” (USA)
Best Music: Emma Sanders, “Emergence” (USA)
Best Screenplay: Declan Manca, “The Hungry Children” (USA)

Award of Excellence:
“Cuckold Picasso” (USA)
“Emergence” (USA)
“Last Writes” (USA)
“Marlene” (UK)
“Regret” (Canada)
“Speech of Foxes” (USA)
“The Sharpest Fingers in Clayburn County” (Canada)
“Uncanny Valley” (Argentina)
“Winner Winner” (USA)

Award of Merit:
“Action Man: Battlefield Casualties” (UK)
“Adeline” (USA)
“All They Know Is Shoot” (USA)
“Bags and Buses” (USA)
“Break Free” (Germany)
“Couleur” (USA)
“Create & Erase” (Canada)
“Disappearance” (South Korea)
“Genderness” (Sweden)
“Gorditos” (USA)
“How to Rob a House” (USA)
“Next” (Russia)
“Omma” (USA)
“Tell Me What You Whispered” (USA)
“The Bathroom” (USA)
“The Hungry Children” (South Africa)
“The Girl with the Flute” (Austria)
“This is Joseph.” (USA)

Honorable Mention:
“100 Planes” (Japan)
“Above All Else” (USA)
“Animal Fiction” (USA)
“Beast or Raven” (USA)
“Call Back” (Hungary)
“Chance(s)” (Canada)
“Gwilliam” (USA)
“Immortality” (USA)
“Las Cenizas” (USA)
“Last Night” (USA)
“Late Request” (UK)
“Love Inc (The Love Machine)” (UK)
“N I 4 N I” (USA)
“Runaways” (USA)
“Sanders Fecalosophy” (USA)
“Selfie Standoff” (USA)
“Saturday Night” (USA)
“Someday You’ll Be My Wife” (USA)
“Sweet Redemption” (USA)
“The Contract” (USA)
“The Golden Plates” (USA)
“When Death Comes to Visit” (USA)