Past Winners – Dec 2016 (extended deadline Jan 2017)

Best Short Film: “Dreamkeeper” (USA)
Best Animated Short: “Flutter” (USA)
Best Documentary Short: “The Art of Creation” (Mexico)
Best Actor: Michael Baldwin, “Dreamkeeper” (USA)
Best Actress: Jennifer Scott, “Exposure” (UK)
Best Supporting Actor: Nicholas Massa, “Gig” (USA)
Best Supporting Actress: Maria Stokholm, “Triangles of Happiness” (Denmark)
Best Director: Whitney Stephenson, “Dreamkeeper (USA)
Best Cinematography: Claudio Cadman, “Rodeo King” (UK | Spain)
Best Editing: Felix Gomez, “The Art of Creation” (Mexico)
Best Music: Juan Carlos Enriquez, “Soliloquy” (France)
Best Screenplay: Matthew Luppino, “Pernicious” (Canada)

Award of Excellence:
“Amor Fati” (France)
“Clean Sheets” (UK)
“Coming Out” (USA)
“Exposure” (UK)
“Fanny Pack” (USA)
“Riding South” (Netherlands)
“Jakkals 13” (South Africa)
“Kong’s” (USA)
“Kukla” (USA)
“Might” (Finland)
“Parnormal Ex-Tivity” (USA)
“Star Wars: Generations” (USA)
“The Bench” (USA)
“The Candidate” (USA)
“The Man on the Stairs” (Canada)
“The Naughty List” (UK)
“Rodeo King” (UK | Spain)
“Whiskey Sour” (USA)

Award of Merit:
“A Game of Chicken” (USA)
“Animus” (UK)
“Being Thomas” (USA)
“Can’t take my eyes off you” (Germany)
“Deuteronomy 24:16” (Canada)
“Door” (USA)
“Extático” (Spain)
“iHeart” (USA)
“Mantis” (USA)
“Pair of Aces” (USA)
“The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story” (USA)
“Rules of Three” (USA)
“Second Date” (Netherlands)
“Shoe Lady” (USA)
“Sipped” (USA)
“Soliloquy” (USA)
“The Lobby” (France | USA)
“The Man Crush” (USA)
“The New Politics” (Honk Kong | China)
“The Penny Dropped” (UK)
“Viral” (USA)

Honorable Mention:
“A Girl and her Zombie” (USA)
“Contentment” (USA)
“Ergo Sum” (Canada)
“Fault” (USA)
“Gig” (USA)
“Here Lies Us” (USA)
“Hidden Memory” (USA)
“Hula” (USA)
“Immolation” (USA)
“Into Me” (USA)
“Invisible” (USA)
“Louder” (USA)
“Mind and Galaxy” (France)
“Mirror” (USA | Portugal)
“Nevus” (USA)
“Pernicious” (Canada)
“Runaways The Trailer” (USA)
“Speechless” (Germany)
“Sweet Redemption” (USA)
“The Card” (Canada)
“The Job Interview” (Canada)
“The Morning After” (USA)
“Vietnam Done This To Me” (Canada)
“4242” (USA | Portugal)
“You Got a Problem…” (USA)

Special Mention:
Another Day In Paradise (Switzerland)
Blank, the Bird (USA)
Brunch (USA)
Carmine (USA)
Cracker Jack (USA)
Cycle (USA)
Delete that Post (USA)
Escape (USA)
Exposed (USA)
Ghost of a Chance (USA)
Gunther (USA)
Harlequin (UK)
Hourglass (USA)
Impulse Legal (USA)
It Was an Accident (USA)
Lavender (UK)
Lucky Bastard (Australia)
Mime Games (USA)
Parker’s Son (UK)
Red Ribbons (USA)
Single Parent Date Night (USA)
Soy (Australia)
The Falling (Australia)
The Other Self (USA)
The Robber (USA)
The Silence of War (USA)
Totem (USA)
When a Woman Loves a Woman (USA)
White People (USA)
Winter (USA)