Past Winners – Dec 2015

June 30 – Dec 31

Best Short Film: “Foos Your Daddy” (USA)
Best Animated Short: “Cuz He’s Black” (USA)
Best Documentary Short: “Rocket Wars” (USA)
Best Actor: “A Pointless Pencil” (USA)
Best Actress: “A Conversational Place” (USA)
Best Supporting Actor: “Foos Your Daddy” (USA)
Best Supporting Actress: “Till Human Voices Awake Us” (USA)
Best Director: “Sweat & Blood” (USA)
Best Cinematography: “Brix and the Bitch” (USA)
Best Editing: “Red Handed” (UK)
Best Music: “Brix and the Bitch” (USA)
Best Screenplay: “A Conversational Place” (USA)

Award of Excellence:
“A Pointless Pencil” (USA)
“Brix and the Bitch” (USA)
“Dad in Mum” (France)
“Red Handed” (UK)
“Sweat & Blood” (USA)

Award of Merit:
“A Conversational Place” (USA)
“Between the Lines” (USA | UK)
“The Dynamic Double Standard” (USA)
“Him Upstairs” (UK)
“Jenny Fandel: From Behind the Desk” (USA)
“Juvenile Justice: The Road To Reform” (USA)
“Seth” (USA)
“Two Lives” (Australia)

Honorable Mention:
“A Deep Breath” (France)
“Books for the Future” (Singapore)
“Busy Bee” (Canada)
“My Last Respects” (USA)
“Ruby” (USA)
“The Tide” (USA)
“Till Human Voices Wake Us” (USA)
“Tying the Knot” (Singapore)