Honorable Mention – The Sleepless Peak (Australia)

Title: The Sleepless Peak  
Runtime: 1 min
Country: Australia
Director: Liliana de la Rosa
Placement: Honorable Mention
Competition: June, 2023

Synopsis: The Sleepless Peak – [a Self Shot] Poetic Visual Short Film 

by Liliana de la Rosa Shot on Canon R7 50mm 1.8. Watch in 2160p 4K

Poetry, Filming, Direction, Acting, Editing & Colour Grade done by myself. Ran around the Sydney CBD with nothing but myself, camera and tripod to shoot this. 

The Sleepless Peak – Poem by Liliana de la Rosa accompanying short film.

I find myself at the pinnacle,

At the top of the world, so cynical.

My dreams they keep me awake at night, 

But you see, not the dreams of nightmares

But the dreams that one lives for. 

I pray for doors and prosperity,

I can’t sleep, 

oh lord please show me clarity.

 I cannot sleep because of you
 o’ dream of mine.

for nothing less than thee, 

would I have nor would stray,

yet you force my plea

o sweet yearning, 

I crusade for you, 

When hell is burning, 

And numbness stirring

For a small dose of dopamine,

I’ll keep ascending the peak. 

And so mistrustful hope

Because it is plain I love thee,

I beg you, 

Won’t you allow me to sleep?