Honorable Mention – HeArT (USA)

Title: HeArT
Runtime: 8 min
Country: USA
Director: Noelle Joy Sorenson
Placement: Honorable Mention
Competition: December, 2022

Synopsis: Heart is a romantic drama taking place in Naomi‘s bedroom one afternoon. We see Naomi and Shane in their moments of love, passion and rage. After passionate sex they cuddle and have post sex conversation. Naomi brings up Shane’s art, expressing that it should be more than just a hobby. She also brings up his family, triggering Shane to want to leave immediately. As he’s leaving, Naomi becomes in raged, assaulting and throwing things at him. Shane rushes to her, grabs and throws her to the bed to stop her assault. Tenderly he holds and comforts her until she calms down. Shane finally gets up to leave, we hear the door close, left alone on the bed and Naomi breaks into tears. Black screen, cut to Naomi waking, Shane holding the paintings, their hands touch and the screen goes black.