Honorable Mention – Groove, Slam, Work It Back (Canada)

Title: Groove, Slam, Work It Back
Runtime: 11 min
Country: Canada
Director: Amélia Simard
Placement: Honorable Mention
Competition: December, 2023

Synopsis: Groove, Slam, Work It Back gives a glimpse into Sayla and Ishi’s grief, as they meet at Sayla’s mother’s for the new year. They prepare to watch the sunset by dressing in colourful outfits, having a dance party and poking fun at each other. However, when comes the time to talk about Sayla’s late sister, simultaneously Ishi’s late girlfriend, they have conflicting approaches. As Sayla continuously withholds information, Ishi prods to know more about the sisters’ mystery tradition.

When everything comes to a head, who decides the best way to grieve? Through their interactions, Ishi and Sayla learn to be more patient with each other and look ahead to this journey of mixed memories and shared joy.