Honorable Mention – “Fallen Stars” (Denmark)

Title: Fallen Stars
Runtime: 11 min
Country: Denmark
Director: Sofus Nilsen
Writer: Josephine Bellaicé

Placement: Honorable Mention
Competition: June, 2018

Synopsis: Victoria (11) is at home, alone. Her mother just got cancer, and she’s at the hospital all day. 

Her dad, Daniel (50), is focusing on his work, only. He comes Home, and continuing his work. The only time they speak to each other, is when, they eat dinner. 

Victoria’s friend, Laura, (11), is visiting her, and try to keep everything good. 

Victoria takes a decision; she wants to make it clear for her dad, that she’s missing someone. She needs someone to take care of her. They start punching each other. 

When the evening comes, she goes outside in the driveway and lay down in a in star she formed with small plastic stars. Her dad realizes, that he has to take action. He does, and the day after, they visits her mom at the hospital.