Honorable Mention – Cats and Husbands (USA)

Title: Cats and Husbands
Runtime: 7 min
Country: USA
Director: Grace Samson, Barry Samson
Placement: Honorable Mention
Competition: December, 2023

Synopsis: Writer/Director Grace Samson brings us “Cats and Husbands,” a fun and touching dramedy about a young couples’ challenges with In Vitro and the “unique: situation that results.

We enter the story where two close friends, Fern and Marcie get together at a local coffee shop to celebrate a birthday. Fern has been going through two years of cycles of In Vitro, desperately trying to get pregnant but with no success. Her husband, Nick’s coping mechanism has been dressing up with the family Cat and taking silly pictures. Marcie jokingly suggests that Fern just book a vacation for herself and leave hubby with the cat. All this to help soften the reality that the birthday Fern celebrates today is that of a child she miscarried two years before.

What results is a comical yet poignant story about those who have, those who have not and those… who have issues!