Best Director – Claudia Calderón – “Plug/ Un amarre” (USA)

Title: Plug/ Un amarre
Runtime: 4 min
Country: Puerto Rico
Director: Claudia Calderón
Placement: Award of Excellence + Best Director (Claudia Calderón)
Competition: June, 2022

Synopsis: PLUG: RaiNao has been gaining notoriety in the underworld for selling a novel drug that drives anyone who tries it crazy: a mysterious frost synthesized from her own vaginal fluids. Once at the top of organized crime, as the master of her own business and her destiny, a hopeless melancholy invades her soul. Drugged and depressed she runs her business, until a specter from the past arrives in her business… her partner of old has finally been released from prison.

UN AMARRE: Someone arrives looking for RaiNao at her bar: it’s Villano Antillano, her great accomplice and love who has been released from prison and has come to visit her as a surprise. As they look at each other, memories of a past together robbing dive bars and gas stations, their deep relationship and the discovery of the psychotropic qualities of RaiNao’s vaginal fluid invade their minds and connect them as if time had never passed.