Best Director – Arrad Rahgoshay – “Polo G: Bad Man (Smooth Criminal)” (USA)

Title: Polo G: Bad Man (Smooth Criminal)
Runtime: 2 min
Country: USA
Director: Arrad Rahgoshay
Placement: Best Director (Arrad Rahgoshay) + Best Music (Polo G) + Award of Excellence
Competition: December, 2021

Synopsis: It’s another night at the most exclusive high-stakes casino in town. Polo G enters the room with his crew as they head to the ballers table for a quick game of craps. Little does he know, his enemies are in the room right across from him. Before we know it, we witness a stand off of both crews face-to-face as a fight breaks out. Glass shatters, tables collapse, bottles are thrown… and yet, Polo leaves without a scratch on him.