Best Concept Art – Francisca PS Sousa and Vera Braga – “New Era” (USA)

Title: New Era
Runtime: 4 min
Country: Portugal
Director: Francisca PS Sousa and Vera Braga
Placement: Award of Merit + Best Concept Art (Francisca PS Sousa and Vera Braga)
Competition: June, 2022

Synopsis: A young group of creative people cohabit in the same house. A phone rings. The universe is in a constant change and it affects our planet, our people, our ways to communicate, our emotions. 

Imagine if something happened that would change our galaxy completely, and Earth would be under the influence of two moons – a new world, a new era. 

NEW ERA is a fashion film that represents a new generation of creative and sensitive people who together are misconnected from this society, from the world as it is known. Each character has their own way of expressing themselves inside an oneiric and surrealistic dimension.