Award of Merit – “Tinted View” (USA)

Title: Tinted View
Runtime: 8 min
Country: USA  
Director: Luke Masella
Placement: Award of Merit
Competition: December, 2018

Synopsis: Alex is a college student who wears large tinted glasses covering his eyes due to a strange condition he has that makes anybody he has strong romantic feeling for die as soon as they make eye contact with him. Alex sits with his good friend Josephine and the two discuss Alex’s past relationships and how to not let his condition, which seems to be getting worse and worse, get in the way of his current relationship with his newest girlfriend, Becca. Becca does not seem to care about Alex’s problem and Alex can see that. However, it isn’t until Alex and Becca make a chance encounter with one of Becca’s ex-flings that Alex begins to formulate how to overcome his condition and prove he can be the complete package for his girlfriend and not be handicapped in any way. Ignoring all of Josephine’s warning, since she has seen Alex try and do this in the past, Alex believes he can somehow control this problem through mental strength and determination. Not listening to his good friend, Alex attempts to look Becca in the eyes and prove he can be everything he thinks she wants in a partner. But, after believing he has mastered his condition, the result is the worse death out of any of Alex’s girlfriend’s yet.