Award of Merit – “The Under Ring” (USA)

Title: The Under Ring
Runtime: 2 min
Country: USA 
Director: Danny Miller
Featuring: Scotty Brugueras
Placement: Award of Merit
Competition: June, 2020

Synopsis: A story of two 18-year-olds that are best friends, Tommy got involved with the worst mafia of all and has no direction in life, where as his friend Max is wealthy and has it all going for him. Tommy eagerly asks to borrow $5,000 from Max in order to prevent him from getting killed by the gang he made a deal with, and Tommy just about loses his temper towards Max, who is treating it as a joke. Unwillingly, Tommy tells Max what he’s involved in and what the outcome will be if he doesn’t come through with the money. Max immediately freaks out. Tommy still refuses to let him know more in order to protect him while also not coming off too nice.