Award of Merit – “The Son” (USA)

Title: The Son
Runtime: 10 min
Country: USA 
Director: Luke Riether
Placement: Award of Merit
Competition: June, 2021

Synopsis: Based upon multiple simple stories used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson within a Father and Son relationship.

FILMMAKER Q&A – Luke Riether, Director/ Writer

OR: What was the inspiration for your film?

LR: My inspiration came to me from this Spoken Word:

My dad and I wrote that spoken word together a few years ago.  Recently i pulled it back up and God just put it on my heart to create an inspirational film on the fathers heart towards us. 

OR: When did you conceive the idea for your film and how long did it take before it was realized?

LR: I came up with the idea back in Novemeber and it only took about a month to put all the plans into motion.  The filming process took place in December.

OR: What was the most challenging aspect of working in a short film format?

LR: I think the most challenging thing was post production and cutting down to a reasonable length.

OR: What was the most challenging aspect of your production?

LR: The most challenging aspect was trying to come up with the funding to pay my cast and crew.

OR: Do you have any advice for first-time filmmakers?

LR: Dont give up.