Award of Merit – Tears of Joy (South Africa)

Title: Tears of Joy
Runtime: 4 min
Country: South Africa
Director: Talysa Rudah
Placement: Award of Merit
Competition: December, 2023

Synopsis: In today’s world, where progress and empowerment are championed, it is disheartening to acknowledge that gender-based violence remains a pervasive societal issue. Across many communities, the horrors of abuse have become normalised, perpetuating a cycle of suffering and silence.

It is against this backdrop of normalised violence and cultural acceptance that Joy, a courageous woman, has stepped forward to share her story through this short film – “Tears of Joy”. We feel privileged that she has trusted us to document and share her story. Through her bravery and determination, she aims to shed light on the plight of women trapped in abusive relationships.

Watch the film to hear more from Joy about her journey, her story – in her words.