Award of Merit – “Sac de Merde” (USA)

Title: Sac de Merde
Runtime: 12 min
Country: USA 
Director: Arielle Haller-Silverstone
Placement: Award of Merit
Competition: June, 2018

Synopsis: Aspiring artist Mazie (ARIELLE HALLER-SILVERSTONE) hasn’t quite figured out what makes her unique as an artist and she’s having an equally tough time in the crazy, chaotic world of dating. Then one night she meets an attractive and interested guy named Harry (DAVID FUMERO), whom she accompanies back to his place. It’s only then that Harry reveals a somewhat embarrassing medical condition. Open-minded and intrigued, Mazie decides to go through with the encounter anyway. Even though Harry ultimately disgusts Mazie for unexpected reasons, the incident ends up providing her just the kind of artistic inspiration that might finally allow her to stand out as an artist who really knows her shit.