Award of Merit – “Bow” (USA)

Title: Bow
Runtime: 12 min
Country: USA
Director: Isaiah J Smith
Placement: Award of Merit
Competition: June, 2022

Synopsis: QUINN is a young and passionate violinist. She spends hours each day either listening to records of the world’s best classical pieces or practicing them herself. When she receives an invitation to audition for an exclusive conservatory, her rehearsals intensify.

However, her headaches and dizzy spells grow more frequent and painful. Quinn and her mother SHERRY visit a doctor’s office and learns bad news: Quinn suffers from a rare form of Meniere’s Disease. It causes vertigo, headaches, and hearing loss. Soon, Quinn will go deaf and lose her only friend in the world: music.

As the weeks pass, her surrounding world drops into a low muffled haze. Quinn furiously intensifies her rehearsal sessions before she goes completely deaf. Eventually, she can’t hear the violin anymore. She breaks her violin and bow and gives up.

Sherry witnesses Quinn’s depression, so she spends their entire savings to buy a new violin and offers a note of encouragement: “Don’t give up your voice, too.” Quinn decides to take one last chance and auditions for the conservatory. Even without her hearing, she has the passion and precision to wow the judges and fulfill her dream.