Award of Excellence – Sold (USA)

Title: Sold
Runtime: 4 min
Country: USA
Director: Silvia Elena Beckmann
Placement: Award of Excellence
Competition: June, 2023

Synopsis: ALEX and JAKE are in South Africa to meet with a potential investor for their new business venture.  Something didn’t feel right from the time they landed.  There has been an increase in violence in this part of the region and many high-end areas are being targeted by the locals who have been protesting about the poverty-stricken conditions they live in. Hostility and civil unrest is mounting and the evidence becomes clear when then they walk into their room and find they have been robbed.  It’s at that moment that ALEX finds out JAKE was tricked by his ex-girlfriend to reel ALEX back into her dark world.  JAKE is devastated that he might have compromised ALEX’s life by accepting LISA’s money and cunning ways to force ALEX to return to her family’s organization of prostitution.