Award of Excellence – “Sahara Flow” (South Africa)

Title: Sahara Flow
Runtime: 4 min
Country: South Africa
Director: Katya Abedian
Placement: Award of Excellence
Competition: June, 2021

Synopsis: Glistening waves softly lap the shore behind a tall figure masked in mirrors. Four young women – striking in their diverse serenity – traverse a verdant forest. And a warrior of peace – armed with a sacred sword – goes forth. This is the world conjured up by director Katya Abedian and rapper/producer Sam Turpin in ‘Sahara Flow’. ‘This short filmic piece is an impressionistic ode to self-inspection, divine purpose and faith in the enchanted. It paints a vision of a futuristic reality that is balanced, anchored and guided by the forces of the natural and spiritual worlds. The narrative is abstractly assembled by the idea that our individual and collective navigations have never been confined to this Earth or its rendering of reality. It tracks the soul’s journey through multiple seasons and phases of life, watched over by angelic spirits. These entities are embodied as divine feminine figures (the anima), radiating the higher wisdom that there is no beginning nor end, only greater depths and stages of learning, understanding and sensitivity. The message is: our path as humans is illuminated by unseen forces and it is our duty to listen to their voices and follow their directions, with an open, fair and honest mind.