Award of Excellence – “Noppera-bō” (Canada)

Title: Noppera-bō
Runtime: 5 min
Country: Canada
Director: William Yong
Placement: Award of Excellence
Competition: December, 2020

Synopsis: This short film arose out of meditations on the alchemy of the entwining issues of masks and anonymity. Noppera-bo is a faceless ghost, a fantastical creature that sows fear. Noppera-bo seems to have re-emerged in the wake of the pandemic; a time where masks and face coverings, whether worn for religious or health reasons, has become political, where anonymity protects faceless people who spread disinformation and hate through institutions and cyberspace, and fear and distrust are triggered by an unseen virus that can be carried by people who do not know they are contagious. Fujiwara and Yong worked imaginatively and intuitively conjuring ideas into movement and startling imagery resulting in Yong’s haunting new dance short film, Noppera-bo.