Award of Excellence – Khafifa | Chapter I – Hope (United Arab Republic)

Title: Khafifa | Chapter I – Hope
Runtime: 5 min
Country: United Arab Republic
Director: Eldar Yusupov 
Placement: Award of Excellence + Best Director (Eldar Yusupov)
Competition: December, 2022

Synopsis: Khafifa is a post-apocalyptic short series set 10220 days after the nuclear catastrophe on Earth.

The entire planet is nothing but one gigantic dune. Some areas are still inhabited by humans – survivors and their children, some of them born after the nuclear catastrophe, having no clue of life that had existed before the nuclear disaster. Khafifa is one of those “children”. In Chapter I Khafifa finds ruins of a village. The discovery that she makes in this village changes her life and sets her on a journey – a mission to preserve life. Khafifa خفيفة in Arabic means light.