Award of Excellence – “I Wanna Be Famous” (Canada)

Title: I Wanna Be Famous
Runtime: 10 min
Country: Canada
Director: Chanel Tossounian
Placement: Award of Excellence
Competition: June, 2022

Synopsis: KAREN MILLER (18, nobody) is an unpopular high school senior, stuck at home due to the pandemic. When she realizes one of her classmates has gone viral online, Karen is determined to do the same. Though sick of being shut in with her family, Karen enlists the help of her annoying younger brother, CALVIN MILLER (16, scrawny), in an attempt to make viral content. Unfortunately, Karen ends up unhappy with what they’ve created. Calvin confronts his sister, telling her that it’s all fake at the end of the day.  Conflicted with this, Karen decides that perhaps she doesn’t need online fame to be happy.