Award of Excellence – “Gray” (Philippines)

Title: Gray
Runtime: 12 min
Country: Philippines
Director: Miguel Carlos Bautista
Placement: Award of Excellence
Competition: June, 2021

Synopsis: Set in a bleak, post-apocalyptic future, Gray, an ex-mercenary, searches for a signal jammer to shield his family from detection by the organization he left behind. He speaks with his wife, Allexis, and daughter, Natia and assures them that he will be cautious before heading to an abandoned shipyard.

After the call, Gray then proceeds to look for the jammer in an abandoned shipyard.

Gray finds the jammer but before he can inform Allexis, he is ambushed by his brother, Kane. An elite soldier from their organization, Kane expresses his disappointment in Gray’s desertion and sets his sights on Gray’s family. A fierce confrontation ensues with Kane overpowering Gray who barely escapes with his life.

Gray calls Allexis and Natia and after a heartfelt conversation, he injects himself with a super-soldier serum in order to stand toe-to-toe with Kane.

He confronts Kane for a final fight and kills his brother, but is mortally wounded in the process. Gray then records one last message and activates his locator.

A few years later, a now teenage Natia listens to her father’s recording. She gazes into the distance, determined to face the world.