Award of Excellence – Fighting (Australia)

Title: Fighting
Runtime: 9 min
Country: Australia
Director: Xavier Coy
Placement: Award of Excellence
Competition: December, 2023

Synopsis: Xavier, a man with Bipolar, wakes with the presence of two people in his room. They follow him as he goes through his morning routine, his shower, taking his medication, getting dressed and sitting down to breakfast. All the while they are constantly at him to listen to them. As the chatter rises and he starts to get overwhelmed Xavier is snapped back to a traumatic memory from his past only to be dragged out of it with a phone call from his Mum. He goes to leave the house but is riddled with anxiety and rushes around looking for his medical fix. He settles. He’s calm. And the people disappear, they are the voices in his head – the hypomanic and the depressive. He opens the door, thinking they’re gone, only for them to reappear.