Award of Excellence – “Art By Heath Kane” (UK)

Title: Art By Heath Kane
Runtime: 6 min
Country: UK
Director: Chris Strong
Placement: Award of Excellence
Competition: June, 2021

Synopsis: It’s a short promo/documentary film about trailblazing contemporary artist Heath Kane – most famously known for his subversive piece called ‘Rich Enough To Be Batman’, which is an image of the Queen of England in a Batman mask. Heath is a respected figure in his field.

Quote from the Saatchi Gallery about Heath: His approach follows the practice of poster making and design, with a focus on creating simple, iconic and memorable pieces. Within the artwork he tries to distill subtle but often subversive themes.

To give a bit of context, Heath contacted me directly on Insta during the 1st Lockdown last year as the pandemic hit, with the idea of teaming up and working together, we both follow and like each other’s work. After much discussion we finally got around to shooting something in the 3rd Lockdown. And I’ve literally just completed it. With the help of Cliqq Studios (Camera), Family Creative (Audio) and Academy Award Winning legendary Post Production House The Moving Picture Company (Colour Grade) generously giving their time and expertise to the project too.

The project was a labour of love and all involved did it in exchange for a piece of Heath’s artwork. Which funnily enough felt in keeping with the overall spirit of creativity, and apt for these uncertain times; a really nice bit of positivity amongst the darkness of the pandemic.